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As people fully in love with specialty coffee, we've spent a huge part of our lives working in cafes, geeking out on our roasts, and even exploring the world seeking the best farms. And we are excited to share! (You know that feeling when you have some super juicy news to share? That's how we feel everyday.)

But, as our precious cup has grown up, we've seen it become quite complex and luxurious. Although we love it all, it's left some of our friends feeling confused, excluded or even scared of trying amazing coffee. And here's how we want to fix that. 

Only Smooth and Chocolatey Coffees

We've chosen to only serve coffees with approachable, smooth and chocolatey profiles. Carefully roasted for lower-acidity and richness, and absolutely delicious black or with milk. But make no mistake - these are sustainably sourced from our direct relationships from some of the most quality-focussed producers in the world. So imagine drinking the smoothest and most flavourful version of your classic cup. That's Soon Coffee.


A cup of coffee is simply just coffee and water, so why should ordering or buying it seem so tricky? We've made life easy for you. At the cafe, our menu is short and sweet, and our team is excited to walk you through it, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned vet. Also, we offer just three blends of coffee: one for filter brewing (So Far), one for espresso brewing (So Good), and good ol' Decaf. All our coffee is dependably delicious with our trademark smooth profile, so let's keep it simple? 

Easy on the Wallet

Great coffee should be accessible to everyday people. We've made our prices as low as possible while still maintaining a sustainable price paid for our coffee. Now either we made a mistake on our pricing spreadsheets or our menu is just really affordable. Either way, you win. 


Soon is all about Making Coffee for Everyone. It's about allowing everyone to experience the delicious potential of great coffee without all the stuff that makes it hard to. And by doing so, growing the amazing community of specialty coffee, and positively impacting people's lives through coffee.